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Indonesia furniture wholesale

Indonesia furniture wholesale & wholesale furniture center, the place to meet buyers and wholesaler directs from furniture manufacture. We are looking for furniture suppliers & retailers who are interested in quality Indonesia furniture.

TUGALAVISH - Indonesia furniture WholesaleBecome Our Furniture Wholesale Supplier We are looking for furniture suppliers and retailers who are interested in sourcing the highest quality solid wood furniture wholesale as well as Wholesale Indoor furniture, wholesale wooden furniture, rattan furniture and synthetic rattan furniture wholesale.

Our furniture products including indoor and outdoor at a competitive price. Please contact us for more information. We can arrange a visit to our office or factory visit where our full range product is on display. We are looking forward to work with you, together we offer quality wholesale furniture direct from the furniture manufacturer in the furniture industry.

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Wholesale Indonesian furniture shop & furniture manufacturer

Piguno furniture is a leading wholesale furniture manufacturer in Indonesia for more than 25 years in manufacturing experiences and distributing high-quality furniture products. We have highly committed to producing furniture products. We do high-quality control.

Our Indonesia furniture manufacturers facilities are located in Solo, Cirebon, and Jepara, Central Java, Indonesia for furniture made from teak wood, wooden mahogany and other solid teak wood in Solo & Cirebon, Central Java. for the production of wooden and solid wood furniture in Solo and Jepara. Our focus is on large scale hotel furniture projects. We have the flexibility to produce one piece, Indonesia furniture projects and customized design from our private clients.



Wholesale Furniture Center Here … If you an importer, distributor, exporter, retail shop, project manager, wholesaler furniture products, you can get a lot of good sources about Indonesia furniture wholesale online & wholesale furniture here.


We always provide the best service with our best wholesale furniture agent. We provide in a way and help our customers from the first deal to the end.


We ensure that our wholesale furniture product prices compete with other competitors in the market for quality.


We receives design consultation. Every customer has a unique and exclusive design.

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