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Decorative Lighting for Living, Inspiring lighting resources, furniture, home decor & interior decoration that inspires from day today.

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Relayout Showroom Kemang 94 - Lighting for Living   Relayout Showroom Kemang 26 266x400 - Lighting for Living  Relayout Showroom Kemang 94a - Lighting for LivingRelayout Showroom Kemang 5 - Lighting for Living

We are a manufacturer that makes furniture, decorative lighting and home decor that has abundant resources to meet your needs in decorating home with retail and wholesale prices. You design We manufacture. We provide various types of Indonesia furniture and lighting to make it easier for you to make your family members comfortable at home. There are various kinds of Floor Lamps, Hanging Lamps, Outdoor Lamps, Wall Lamps, Table Lamp, Stool and Planters for you.

Indonesia lighting for living | Asia lighting factory

Relayout Showroom Kemang 60 - Lighting for LivingRelayout Showroom Kemang 74 - Lighting for Living

Decorative lighting Manufacturer | Lighting for Living

Nowadays, the decorative lamp is more than just a light. When the decorative lamps lighted out, it is like a flower of lotus on the lake. Alter the expression is the assumption that only serves as a torch. Besides, the lighting concepts can provide a different psychological effect on residents.

As Indonesia decorative lighting manufacturers, We export all lamps to worldwide and receive custom design decorative lighting, When you looking for decorative lighting in Indonesia or Bali, Please contact us

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